Y'All Ready To Get Grimey?
(I wasn't r e a d y)


Sometimes, your friends just totally get you and find stuff that they just need to gift you. And it ends up better than what you would have thought to ask for. Case in point: This book. My friend got it for me when he saw it at a bookstore and decided it was a must-have for me since I have a sadistic sense of humor and that bird game I find so amusing (Hatoful Boyfriend ftw!). And holy crap…amazing. Some parts even made me think of Shuu, which admittedly is the character in the game that made me decide that the game was amazing.

Also, loved my friends comment, “Sorry, there is no true pudding in it.”

Edit: I should probably mention there are actually short stories in here. A couple made me laugh ridiculously hard.

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