Details Of Your Incompetence Do Not Interest Me
(I wasn't r e a d y)

okay okay last valentine I promise (maybe)

I just love Prince Gumball so much omg

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everything I touch turns to gay


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Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee~   

My first attempt at Adventure Time style~ I can still see some of the way I draw but I tried- AND I SHALL KEEP TRYING. Piku gave me the idea~ The crown for a kiss ; 3 ;No one hate me please pleaseee~

I don’t know why… But I have become completely infested with these two~ Most likely because the way their personalities clash (so far we know) makes me so happy * v *  I’ve already created a few headcanons for them… 1 being Marshall isn’t 100% clear on his feelings. He messes around often(a remark, a hug, a kiss etc;) but then denies any real intentions behind it… I suppose something like he acts before he thinks~ 

I’m so naughty… I had this idea for a like 3 panel comic with Gumball, Fionna and Marshall. I think it’s a bit too “mature” though.I’m too ashamed to actually draw it. AH.  


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Fuck Marshall Lee, why you gotta cut a brudduh’s hurr like dat? e 3 e

Their designs are amazing (Natasha Allegri is a genius). Probably mucked up big time, though. Totally butchered them LOL 

Do I ship it? Maybe. 

Adventure Time (c) Pendleton Ward

Art (c) Me.

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