Y'All Ready To Get Grimey?
(I wasn't r e a d y)

too lazy to do lineart so HAVE A POORLY COLORED SKETCH

girlfriends waiting for the bus to a gig probably idk

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just some girlfriends jammin out

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Start the year off right with girlfriends and heart shaped sparklers!!

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Oh look I drew girlfriends what else is new 

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Autumn jammin’

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Sweeter than cotton candy and gayer than the fourth of july

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lesbian witches because I’m PREDICTABLE 

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Guess what I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past few days.


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Will I ever stop drawing Bubbline and/or beach themed pictures?

Probably not.

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Remember when Bubblegum did the thing and I cried about it 


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just trying somethin

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Marceline is sick


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